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Huili School Library Digital Resources: Follett Destiny

Follett Destiny – Our Library’s Online Search Program

Destiny is our library's online catalog. Use Destiny to find books by author, title, subject, keyword, or series. You can also search by Accelerated Reader levels. Here are a few tips that will help you use our catalog! Remember that you must be logged into Destiny first.


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A Basic search lets you use simple search terms or phrases to find materials and set limiters to narrow your search results. To conduct a Basic search:


  • Go to Catalog > Library Search > Basic.  转到目录 > 图书馆搜索 > 基本搜索。
  • Enter a search term in the Find field.  在“查找”字段中输入搜索词。
  • Select any of the limiters to narrow your search (optional).  选择任意限制条件以缩小搜索范围(非强制)。

*Reading Programs - Narrow the search to books that match particular reading levels from the Accelerated Reader.  将搜索范围缩小到与 Accelerated Reader 的特定阅读水平匹配的图书。

  • Select one of the following search buttons.  选择以下搜索按钮之一。

Keyword: Searches all title, author, subject, series, and note tags (fields of information) in the district’s title records.  关键词:图书馆藏资源内所有标题、作者、主题、系列和注释标签(信息字段)的标题记录。

Title: Searches for the term anywhere in a title. Author: Searches for authors and illustrators.  在标题中搜索该词。

Author: Searches for authors and illustrators.  搜索作者和插图作者。

Subject: Searches for a subject about a  particular topic, person, or place.  搜索特定话题、人物或地点的主题。

Series: Searches for a series of books.  搜索系列书籍的标题。

Hold Books 保留书籍

Hold books 书籍预留

  • Each grade can hold three books at one time.各年级每次可预留三本图书
  • When the books are ready for check-out they will be reserved for 7 days每次约书书籍可预留 7 天
  • Kind Reminder温馨提示
  1. Students who have 6 books should return some of them before getting the new ones   已有 6 本书的学生需归还部分书籍方可进行预留书籍借阅
  2. Patrons need to return books from last year to hold new books for this semester.   如果学生有上学期超期书籍,需要归还后方可正常借阅


AR Books Searchs AR书籍搜索

Finding AR books by level in the library 搜索图书馆内含有AR数据的书

AR book level guide  AR等级指南